The Green Approach

Recognizing the importance of design, guest accommodations, amenities, efficiency, hotel brand standards, and employee work environment, Middletown Hotel Management strives to integrate our day-to-day business practices with environmental responsibility. Our commitment to taking steps to create a “green” business has enabled us to lower costs, increase efficiency and productivity as well as improve the health and vitality of guests that stay at our “green” properties and their communities.

How We Contribute to Environmental Sustainability

As of 2013, all hotels in the Middletown Hotel Management Family are non-smoking.

We offer recyclable services to our guests.

We ask each guest the number of keys they would like to have. We recycle all keys, but the fewer keys we distribute, the better.

We offer email receipts to our guests to eliminate paper use; we resource used paper as scrap paper instead of using new paper.

We have reduced the number of newspapers ordered daily, offering an electronic version to each guest.

We recycle all ink cartridges from the business center as well as the front desk and back of the house areas.

Enviroware ecofriendly products are used in the breakfast area.

Our linen “Conserve to Preserve” program is designed to conserve energy in the laundry room. If guests would like new towels, they can leave soiled towels on the bathroom floor. If they plan to reuse them, they can hang them up. In the same fashion, our linens are changed every third day (or at checkout) unless requested to be changed sooner.

Our used linen items are donated to local charities to be reused.

We use cleaning products from Ecolab, which are safe for the environment as well as our guests’ health.

We began a partnership with “Clean the World” to recycle used soaps.

We’ve converted to low-flow massage shower heads with an output of 2.5 gallons per minute.

We use faucet aerators: mixing air with water stream, reducing water consumption & cost of heating the water (also reducing water flow to 1.5 gallons per minute).

We installed energy-efficient Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL) bulbs in all compatible light fixtures.